Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leaving our Little Place

We finally moved out of our first apartment and into a two bedroom apartment. Though we
 love where we are now, we will miss our little home. Here are a few pictures of the old house. It took only three pictures to show it all :). 

My handsome man 

Grandma O's 90th Birthday

In March, Hubby and I got to fly to San Francisco for 2 days to surprise his grandma for her 90th birthday. It was my first time meeting her, and I was beyond impressed! She had so much energy! At one point we [ his 7 brothers, parents, aunts and uncles] all sat under a big oak tree and sang songs, something she loves doing. While we sang, she played the harmonica! She was bouncing up and down in her wheel chair while she blew away on the harmonica, leading us in some of her favorite songs. She then asked Hubby to serenade her with the song he and his brother's sang to me at our wedding; the song was "Duke of Earl."She loved it.

Serenading Grandma O

The big tree we all sang under
The place that we stayed was in Carmel Valley... absolutely amazing! There is a perfect combination of huge, green rolling hills and the ocean. At the lodge each couple had their own little cottage. It was adorable! We also had a fabulous filet dinner and yummy dessert; I was in heaven as I always am when I'm eating. It was a great trip.

Hubby's Birthday

Hubby turned 24 on April 28th. Unfortunately, I had to work and go to a class in Salt Lake and Hubby had his Kaplan class till 9 pm. Though we did not get to spend most of the day together, we did get to go to lunch at Panda Express ( his choice) and open two presents that morning. Later that night I surprised him by having some of his friends over to eat cake and ice cream and chat. It ended up being a pretty good day for my man!

Hubby in his new birthday shirt from his mommy :)

A couple of Hubby's friends and Sampson and Brittany's new baby, Pheonix