Thursday, June 17, 2010


Dear Lakers,

Thank you for winning. I would have never been able to live it down if you lost. Hubby loves your enemy. So thanks.



Thursday, June 3, 2010

What we've been up to

We are finally home in our new place! After we graduated, Hubby and I drove home with his family to Missouri ( ~18 hour trip mind you). We had fun celebrating his birthday (25th) and enjoying the yummy spring weather. After a week, I went home to California to be with my family. I had lots of fun those two weeks attending two amazinggggg weddings, getting mani/pedis, going to the beach often ( I'm now an acceptable shade for my liking), shopping with mom ( thank you!) hanging out with grammy, talking to my brother on his mission, enjoying my first mother's day home in four years, eating a ton, and spending wonderful days and nights with my family. They really are the best. After two weeks, both Hubby and I flew home to Salt Lake to spend time together before I left on my girls trip to North Carolina. Hubby has already started his Masters at the U, and is really enjoying his classes. In North Carolina I had an amazing time with two of my very best friends ( one of which is my cousin). We ate some great southern food like fried pickles, chicken and dumplings, and some not so good food like shrimp and grits. We had a "baby shower"for our friend Jessie who is 5 months pregnant. Lex and I had lots of fun sewing baby gifts for Jessie's little girl. We also went strawberry picking, saw the documentary, Babies, ate the best ice cream ever, went to a drive-thru farm where we fed zebras, giraffes, pigs, lamas, and were attacked my emus. We drove to Charleston, SC, where we ate more good food, went on a ghost tour, caught a picture of a ghost on Jessie's phone ( good job Jess!), explored Boone Hall plantation, and finally returned home.
I am now back at home with Hubby, which I am so grateful for after being away for so long. He's just getting through classes while I do my best to find a job in this city. If any of you who read this know anyone who is hiring, let me know; I'd appreciate it!! Wish us luck on this new chapter.