Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our new flat

So we finally found a new place to live! We are soooo excited. Hubby does not like moving from one place to another because of the change, but I love it because I get to organize! However, I hate, hate, hate the looking process. It is so stressful. But thankfully we have found a place that will be an adventure for us. It is in a big old house in Salt Lake that was split  up into 4 separate apartments. Ours is in the front of the house on the second floor. It's happy, open, and has lots of light.  We've never lived so deeply in a large city like Salt Lake, but it will be a fun adventure that we are excited to experience together.

As a side note: my sister in law commented below that the city I'm from in CA is probably bigger than Salt Lake. This is likely true :). I know I've lived in a large city, but not any city that has huge/tall buildings like Salt Lake does.I can't think of the right word that would describe the difference between where I grew up and Salt Lake ( because I don't think where I grew up is considered a suburb necessarily). So if anyone can think of one to help me fill in my blank spot, that would be appreciated!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dumpster Diving

So last night I went dumpter diving. Why, you ask. For fun of course. No for real though, my husband and I had borrowed two DVD's from a friend, and we were heading out to walk down to her house to give them back. As we were walking out, we decided we might as well take out the trash. I had a milk carton and cereal box in one hand, and the movies in the other. After dumping out the trash, Hubby and I started our walk to our friend's house. I realized shortly after that we had forgotten the movies. We ran in the house and looked everywhere, but we couldn't find them. I then realized that it was a possibility that I threw them away. So I grabbed some running pants to put over the ones I was wearing, just in case I had to dive, and we walked out to the dumpter. Hubby spotted the first movie after leaning over the side of the dumpter and moving a box out of the way. He was ready to jump in, but I told him it wouldn't be fair since I was the one that threw them in in the first place. So, he helped me into the dumpster where I spent about 5 min or more fishing through all of our free flowing gross trash, other's gross trash, and diapers. Yes, yes, there were diapers EVERYWHERE! Where we live, almost all of our neighbors have babies, so there were plenty of free hanging diapers for me to step on a push to the side. Eventually, I found the other movie and then proceeded to scrub myself down mercilessly in the shower. I still want to barf thinking about it. It was funny though :). Have any of you had to dumpter dive? What's your story, or am I alone in this feat?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attack of the flakes

Dear winter storm,

Though you look quite lovely, you are driving me nuts!

Your soft flakes have apparently suffocated the satellite dish in the complex, which is consequently depriving me of watching a new episode of Bones.

So if you don't mind, I'd appreciate you leaving again so the sun can come out like it was just hours ago.




p.s. yes that picture is an exaggeration; but this is how it feels