Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going Red

So we found out yesterday that Hubby got into the U to do a Public Health Masters. Yeah for hubby!! I know we are kinda traitors, considering we'll both be alumni of BYU who are crossing over to the other side, but we couldn't be more excited and thankful!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just because he loves me

So I just got home from work and class, and to my surprise I see a vase with my favorite flowers and a note, right on the table in the living room. Today is not my birthday, valentines day, easter, half birthday, christmas, etc, but hubby left me flowers. I could not be more lucky to have him.

Friday, February 19, 2010

V- Day and a long time away

Sorry I have been for soooo long. Life has been very busy, but great! To tell you the truth, I've also really had nothing to write about. What have I missed? Well, we went to Missouri to hubby's parents house for 2 weeks. It was great till we both got sick the 3rd day there. Unfortunately we were sick the entire 2 weeks-- all through Christmas, my birthday, New Years, the first week of school... yep, all of it. It was still great to be with his family though. This school semester has been hard-- not necessarily because of a terribly heavy work load, but because we both finish in April and I cannot be more excited. I'm so tired I can barely stand it! Maybe it's because we watch Seinfield for too long while brushing our teeth but regardless, I need a break.

Our Valentines day was amazing! Hubby had hinted that he had gotten me something that I'd love, so naturally I asked to get it before Valentines Day. I couldn't wait! I love surprises. But then I told him to keep whatever it was till the real holiday, but he surprised me early anyway!! I love him! It was this beautiful heart shaped necklace from Wilsons Diamonds ( anyone who's thinking of getting engaged in Provo should totally go there; it's a great place with wonderful things and great prices-we also go our rings there)Anyways, I was so ecstatic because I have been wanting one for so long. He's the best.

Our school semester is almost over; there's still 2 and a half more months left but it's been going by surprisingly quick. We are anxiously trucking through the rest of our schooling, but are enjoying it nonetheless. Have a great day!