Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So long sweet summer...

We had fun.......

in North and South Carolina visiting part of JACL ( jessie, ali, christine, lex)

going home to play with these people ( yes, Harley is a person, too) at the cabin for 4th of July

hanging out a lot with nieces and nephews

celebrating our 2 year anniversary

playing in Arrowhead with the family

watching one of my best friends get married

and running our first half marathon!

Until next year! 


  1. Ah, I love it. It looks like a wonderful summer. We miss you here. I hope all is well in SLC. I want to see pictures of your new flat!

  2. Love the update! It was so fun hanging out with you two the other night. We are DANCE CRAZIES!! :) hehe. Lets play again soon...

  3. i loved this post, and i loved seeing what you've been up to all summer:)

  4. oops, jeff and lisa elder is melissa:), sorry i'm signed in on my mother in laws computer, ha